You can’t pour from an empty cup







You can’t pour from an empty cup. I’ve learned this myself, the hard way! If you’re the glue that holds your household together: juggling home, work, children, parents, dog walks… whatever it might be, taking care of yourself is essential.

A small clearing amidst the busyness that’s just about you. A moment to breathe out, with no demands. To be looked after and feel like you again.

That’s what I offer in the sanctuary of my peaceful treatment rooms. Time to leave your cares behind, release emotional and physical tension and just be you.











However busy life is, in the treatment room there’s nothing for you to do: no jobs, lists, should or musts. It’s time for you to relax.











We often don’t realise how much we’re carrying until we put it down. Your massage or reflexology session is your opportunity to let go of tensions and leave them behind.











Leave feeling lighter, calmer, cared for and stronger.

It’s amazing what that time and space can do to bring you home to yourself.


"The deep relaxation I fell into was something that you would like to savour in a bottle.
I would lose all sense of time and would leave feeling so much lighter and relaxed.
Who would guess that you would feel so incredible after having your feet massaged?!"


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